Zappelkiste #23 - Tent Opening 06.10.2018

Opening Set of the Zappelkiste #23 Tent Floor.

Gate To Goa 2018 - Psychedelic Exploration (chill Floor) [2018 - 09 - 14]

A travel through the psychedelic landscape. 100-150 bpm :) Thanks for the wonderful festival !

Stairway To Bed - But I'm Not Tired Yet !!!

This set is meant as a follow-up to parties that ended too early and too fast, leaving your head spinning at 150 bpm. A (much needed) wind-down from 150 to a more soothing 94 bpm. Enjoy! :-)

ColoRadio - Chilling Aether - 01.05.2018 - 20.30h

A free spot on ColoRadio got filled by this chill set

34c3 - Towers of Merkaba

Kidsspace @34c3 - grown up kids occupy the nightly realms. Driving bobby cars and building towers from over-sized legos. Due the lack of proper soundtrack, this mix emerged spontaneously through the help of the high jacked PA. I think the tower was completed around ~ 50 - 60 minutes playtime - fitted very nicely with the final assembly (they build a huge helping construction from tables to move the upper part onto the base.

Electric lullaby 1

Electric lullaby is music to to drift into sleep… from downtempo to ambient .: for cosmic ivy :.

Sofa submersion

Strfr’s birthday party mix :) due a combination of a broken amplifier, hardware improvisation and a bug in the mixing software, the quality of the recording is quite bad. Next time I know a workaround that will help and a software change is discussed…