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blue voxels

It was back in his early teenage years that voxel.blue acquired his first DJ mixer to party up with his best friend, but interest soon faded and shifted towards computing. Since he had been raised in a musical void, his first encounters with electronic music (often as one of the youngest party guests) instilled into him a deep fascination for these soundscapes. He then journeyed on through a variety of genres such as batcave, minimal wave, neofolk, noise, ambient, classical and various others. Via a brief passage through modern techno styles, he has discovered his real passion – psychedelic electronica. In retrospect, it still puzzles him how he has not gotten into contact with the psytrance scene earlier. Just for fun (and, admittedly, out of some frustration with what was being played at many events), from 2016 onwards, he started experimenting with modern mixing techniques. Positive feedback from DJs and friends made him dive deeper into this field. He’s always been an avid music collector, so the new obsession resulted in quite a diverse collection of psychedelic music.

His style brings together best-of-breed pieces from diverse styles such as twilight, psychedelic trance, forest, hi-tech, darkprog, zenonesque, psybreaks, psybass, psydub, psychill and ambient (0-~200 bpm). On main floors he usually plays more energizing tunes from labels like Wild Things Records, Forestdelic, Psynon, Bom Shanka and alike while his chillout sets draw from a wider range of genres.

voxel.blue is normally known as poelzi

Most sets are first takes, unedited¹ live mixes, done on various occasions. I usually don’t have preplanned playlists for my sets, rather they manifest a particular idea or direction I had in mind. I do however collect tracks I absolutely want to play, but most tracks are chosen in midair …

¹ except normalization and maybe cutting garbage from end/beginning :)

Current tools used

RIP tools

  • Shure SRH940 Absolutely amazing detailed sound in an absolutely crappy casing. My Frankenshures have the headband of a ISK HP2011. Missing in action.